Drive Group Helensvale

Welcome to Drive Group Helensvale, your premier automotive smash repair center proudly serving the Gold Coast region.

As part of Drive Group Australia, Helensvale is a dedicated Drivable vehicle repair facility. This state-of-the-art site is packed with the latest equipment and technology required to repair your vehicle to manufactures specification ensuring a exceptional quality and worldclass customer service. Focused on repair duration to return your vehicle quickly and efficiently.

Drive Repair Solutions

At Drive Group Australia, our facilities are geared to repairing your vehicle quickly and efficiently using state of the art equipment.

Non-Drive Repair Solutions

Drive Group Australia have dedicated repair facilities for Non-Drivable vehicles staffed and equipped to negotiate the intricacies of today’s complex motor vehicles giving you the confidence that your vehicle is repaired to the manufactures specification.

Claims Management

At Drive Group Australia, we offer a full claims management capability providing staff augmentation, end to end claims management, repair management and assessing through our National Repairer Network.

Fleet Operators

Drive group are dedicated to returning your vehicles back to your fleet quickly and efficiently.

Caravan and RV Solution

We are specialists in caravan & motor home smash repairs and also cater for repaints, refurbishments, modifications and manufacturer warranty issues.

Contact us.

At Drive Group Helensvale, we value your feedback, questions, and inquiries. Whether you need assistance with vehicle repairs, want to discuss our services, or have any other automotive-related concerns, we’re here to help.



50 Kingston Drive, Helensvale QLD 4212
+61 (07) 5651 9847

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